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Prepayments in 2022

Prepaying in 2022 We appreciate you considering to prepay any amount in 2022, we have rising costs to keep our amazing employees and this prepayment will help us get through the costly spring.  In your “renewal letter” we have given you a suggested prepay amount.  This amount is a guesstimate of what you will spend […]

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Installing a raised vegetable garden bed can be a ton of work.  We have discovered an alternative way to get all the benefits of a raised bed in a much easier way.  Read below for a step by step guide. Why a raised bed? Raised beds number 1 benefit is that […]

How to turn on your Sprinkler System like a Pro!

Turning On your Sprinkler System If you would like to turn on your professionally installed sprinkler system on your own follow the steps below.  Turning on a system is not hard work but it does require some knowledge and most importantly has to be done in order. Turn Off all the valves on your backflow […]

Just Built a New Home? Next Step, Landscaping.

Landscaping in Leelanau step by step Have you just built or bought a new home in Leelanau County?  For many landscaping is an after thought but it can add so much financial and enjoyment value to your home.  At Spinniken we do not offer full scale landscaping but see our Landscaping page for contact info […]

Risks of DIY Irrigation Design

Sometimes DIY projects are really fun and rewarding. Sometimes they can really become and mess and more work than one anticipates. The last 15 years of putting in sprinkler systems has taught us a few things. We have also worked on many systems installed by DIY installers. We have written this post to help show […]

Rain Sensor Pros and Cons

How Rain Sensors work Rain Sensors are a wonderful tool for many irrigation systems.  Most people think that a rain sensor will “sense” that it is rainy and automatically shut off the irrigation system.  In actuality a rain sensor will collect water until it has collected enough water and then will shut off the irrigation […]

How to Select a Lawn Mowing Company

At Spinniken our team has been serving the local Leelanau County area mowing and maintaining lawns for over 15 years, in the process we have learned what helps make a good company from a customer stand point.  See below for the top considerations when selecting a company to mow your lawn. How long has the […]

Why Mulch your Landscape Beds

Why Mulching is so Important to a Landscape Mulching your landscape beds is very important for multiple reasons.  Depending on your landscape goals.  The main benefit mulching does to a landscape is help keep down maintenance.  At Spinniken we are big fans of low maintenance beautiful landscapes. Mulching Cuts Down on Maintenance [su_list icon=”icon: check” […]

Pros and Cons of Installing an Irrigation System

Pros and Cons of Installing an Irrigation System There are multiple considerations when deciding if a sprinkler system should be installed.  Consider some of the following. Pros: A sprinkler system saves you time.  A correctly designed system should be done with a “set it and forget it” mentality.  Drag that hose no more! Your lawn […]

Now Hiring in Spring 2017

Come work in Leelanau County. Do you love working outdoors? Want to stay in good physical shape and earn a good salary? Come work for a growing company that appreciates its employees more than the average business. If you have at least 2 years of experience come work with us in a relaxed environment and […]