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Pros and Cons of Installing an Irrigation System

Pros and Cons of Installing an Irrigation System

There are multiple considerations when deciding if a sprinkler system should be installed.  Consider some of the following.

  1. A sprinkler system saves you time.  A correctly designed system should be done with a “set it and forget it” mentality.  Drag that hose no more!
  2. Your lawn and landscape will be healthier and more vibrant.  It goes without saying that an irrigation system will make your lawn greener!
  3. Less worry, if you go on vacation the lawn and landscape will be taken care of with your watering system.
  4. A sprinkler system is a valuable addition to a home and will increase the property value.
  5. A correctly designed sprinkler system will actually save you water.
  1. Although a sprinkler system should save you time there is a maintenance cost to the system.  Every sprinkler system needs to be monitored and at a minimum there will be a turn on and Winterization price in Leelanau.  Our basic maintenance package costs $140.  Lake pump systems cost more time and money to maintain than well systems.
  2. The cost to install.
  3. Although sprinkler systems are more efficient than hand watering they are not 100% uniform. Because a sprinkler head itself will does not have uniform coverage (more water will be distributed near the head and at the end of the stream) it is impossible to design a perfect system.  But…. we continue to try.

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