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How to turn on your Sprinkler System like a Pro!

Turning On your Sprinkler System

If you would like to turn on your professionally installed sprinkler system on your own follow the steps below.  Turning on a system is not hard work but it does require some knowledge and most importantly has to be done in order.

  1. Turn Off all the valves on your backflow preventer.  In the picture below it shows where all 4 valves are located.  In the picture the valves are ON turn them OFF.
  2. Next go into the basement of your house and turn on the water supply from your house toward the backflow preventer that is located outside of your house.
  3. All valves on the backflow preventer should still be off at this point.  The valve pictured below is the first to turn on, it is indicated in the picture below.   Turn it on relatively quickly.
  4. Next step turn the valve in the picture below on BUT turn it on very slowly it should take about 60 seconds to turn on.  You do not want to rush water toward the electric valves, it can cause damage.
  5. Now your irrigation system is on. You can now inspect your system zone by zone.

Of course you can always have Spinniken Turn On your sprinkler system.

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