Why Mulch your Landscape Beds

Why Mulching is so Important to a Landscape

Mulching your landscape beds is very important for multiple reasons.  Depending on your landscape goals.  The main benefit mulching does to a landscape is help keep down maintenance.  At Spinniken we are big fans of low maintenance beautiful landscapes.

Mulching Cuts Down on Maintenance

  • You will have to hand weed less often!  Suppressing weeds is enough of a reason to mulch in of itself.
  • You do not need to water as much.  Mulch helps retain moisture.
  • You will see less disease and stress on your plants because of the benefits of mulch.

Mulch looks so good in a Landscape

Mulch provides that finishing touch that sets the landscape beds off.  The contrast between the dark mulch and the bright green grass with a nice spaded edge is a pillar of most beautiful landscapes in Leelanau County.

What Type of Mulch Should I Use?

At Spinniken we primarily use either a dark Hardwood Bark ground from local Leelanau County trees by Deering Tree Service.  Or we use Pine Bark which is also a dark mulch and my personal favorite.  Pine bark comes at a slight up-charge and is slightly darker than Hardwood.

How Should Mulch be Installed?

  • Mulch should be maintained at a level of 2’’ to 4’’.
  • A weed barrier is not recommended
  • it is important that mulch is installed a few inches away from all plant trunks and stems.  Mulching too close to plants can stress the plant or even cause it to ground layer itself.
  • Mulch needs to be installed evenly and cleanly.  At the end of each mulching job, there should be no mulch on the house, on hardscapes, or in lawn areas.