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Just Built a New Home? Next Step, Landscaping.

Landscaping in Leelanau step by step

Have you just built or bought a new home in Leelanau County?  For many landscaping is an after thought but it can add so much financial and enjoyment value to your home.  At Spinniken we do not offer full scale landscaping but see our Landscaping page for contact info for some of our favorite and most reliable landscapers in the area.

Although we don’t offer landscaping as a sprinkler system installer we often will be asked what should be done first during landscape construction.  Ideally a new landscape construction plan should be done as follows:

  1. Excavation Back fill and final grade
  2. Any Patios, walkways, or concrete pouring done
  3. Driveway done or flagged out well
  4. Large Trees installed and lines of landscape beds indicated
  5. Irrigation installed
  6. Finish off planting landscaping in new beds
  7. Adjust irrigation to new landscape, prefer same day or next. (make sure all plants are getting watered)
  8. Mulch installed (can be installed at time of landscaping for smaller landscapes)
  9. Final touches and raking of soil
  10. Seeding or Sod

We recommend that you really take time to consider how you want to use your landscape while talking to designers or designing yourself.  Generally in Leelanau county homeowners go with a more “natural” and tranquil design but more of a resort backyard feel is also common and beautiful.  Future maintenance of your new landscape is also very important to consider.  If you have any questions on how to start or who to call let us know!

P.S. Thought I should mention…. the featured image for this post is Matt Spinniken’s wife and son, Cara Spinniken and Sterling!

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