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Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

Installing a raised vegetable garden bed can be a ton of work.  We have discovered an alternative way to get all the benefits of a raised bed in a much easier way.  Read below for a step by step guide.

Why a raised bed?

Raised beds number 1 benefit is that you are completely controlling the soil which is the most important part of having success with growing vegetables in your backyard.  The proper soil will not be compacted and provide the proper nutrients to the plants.  Controlling the soil will make enough of a difference to double or triple your yeilds.  We recommend that you fill the entire raised bed with the best quality compost you can find.   Another added benefit, depending on how high you would like to install the raised bed, weeding can be much easier.

Our family has had a vegetable garden in our yard for years and we get a lot of enjoyment out of it.  Preparing dinner in the summer is always more fun with all of the options in the backyard to pick and add to the ingredient list.  We have gone through a few different types of garden.  When we started we tried to plant directly into the ground after rototilling which is one of the most basic ways.  We had almost no success even though we watered with an automatic irrigation system.  Next we tried a traditional wooden sided raised bed.  Our garden grew like a monster that year and every year since.

How about a raised bed that’s easier to install?

A good alternative starts with a hole the shape that you want, dig it about 8” deep (like the picture above).  Cover the bottom of your raised with cardboard.  Then fill will premium quality compost, heap up the compost so that it is at least 12-16” deep.  To cut back on weeding, I used landscape fabric on top of the heaped compost and then burned holes in to plant the individual plants.  A few months later and the growth was almost more than I could control…


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