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Sprinkler System Winterization & Spring Turn On

If you have a sprinkler system in Leelanau county we would love to help you with sprinkler system winterization or spring turn on. We have full time specialized irrigation technicians with extensive knowledge on a wide variety of sprinkler system ready to come turn on your sprinkler system and get it ready for summer or winterize the system and prepare for a northern Michigan freezing winter. A description of our winterization and activation services are listed below.

Sprinkler System Turn On Procedure

Spring turn on is a great time for Spinniken to check over the entire system and set it up for a good season of watering. Spring turn on is a detailed service and not a simply turning off a valve, we also check everything from the controller to each sprinkler head and valve. It is very important the sprinkler system is turned on in order. If you simply turn on the valve to the system water will pour out of the backflow from all directions. Please do not attempt to turn on your sprinkler system unless you are sure on how to do it. Below is a summary of the steps we take when turning on your irrigation system. Sprinkler system Turn Ons are just $70 from 1-8 zones unless prepaid for a 5% savings with one of our sprinkler service plans. Lake pumps are 20% more expensive.

  1. Reverse the process of sprinkler system winterization to turn on the system in order.
  2. Check that all zones are turning on automatically and working.
  3. Check for damaged heads due to freezing, snowplow damage or other winter damage.
  4. Check each sprinkler head for coverage and adjust.
  5. Check for leaks at Backflow Preventer.
  6. Program controller for correct spring or early summer settings based on our knowledge or customer request.

Sprinkler System Winterization Procedure

Sprinkler systems in northern Michigan need to be winterized each year to avoid freezing and extensive repairs. During the winterization Spinniken will drain all of the water out of the irrigation system with a tow behind compressor. Our winterization comes with a freeze free guarantee, if anything freezes over the winter because of our bad winterization job it will be fixed 100% for free. Below is a summary of how we winterize sprinkler systems. Sprinkler system winterizations are just $72 from 1-8 zones unless prepaid for a 3% savings with one of our sprinkler service plans. Lake pumps are 30% more expensive.

  1. Open small port on backflow to 50%.
  2. Turn off the main water supply.
  3. Drain valve in basement with bucket.
  4. Shut off outside valve to basement.
  5. Winterize system with tow behind compressor, starting with farthest away zone to drain mainline.
  6. Keep all of the valves on backflow open to 45 degrees (generally 4 valves).


Yearly Sprinkler Service Plans starting at $133 if paid by April 1st. Call or email for more information.

Sprinkler System Winterization & Spring Turn On

I’ve dealt with Spinniken Lawn and Irrigation for the past 5+ years and have never been disappointed in their performance for taking care of our lawn and sprinkler system. They show up every week to cut and when I have a problem with a sprinkler head, John and his sprinkler crew are on it quickly. Fixed the first time. I’ve received many complements on the appearance of our lawn over the years, which in my humble opinion are well deserved. Our lawn has never looked better since the Spinniken team has been taking care of it. I’d highly recommend them for your lawn, design, and irrigation needs. All the best!

Bob Hubbard

Leland, MI

Sprinkler System Winterization and Spring Turn On FAQ’s

If something is broken on your irrigation system we will fix it for you for an additional charge. If something expensive is broken we will call and get approval from the homeowner before fixing.

Yes, we generally need to get into your basement as well as your garage for these services. Although there are exceptions, such as outdoor underground turn on valves and outdoor controllers.

Sprinkler System Winterizations are guaranteed against freeze damage, any repairs needed due to improper winterization will be 100% free. Keep in mind that during the winterization of your system we do not fix any components and something that was broke in the fall will still need to be fixed in the spring and will not be broken due to freeze damage.

We ask that you call right away if we missed something when turning on your sprinkler system. Please keep in mind that components of irrigation systems tend to break at any time and if you have a broken head in June it was likely working when the irrigation technician turned on your sprinkler system. Also, if Spinniken did not install the irrigation system we can not guarantee good water coverage and can only do our best based on the design and layout of your sprinkler heads. Often when the weather warms up brown spots will be seen that can only be corrected by adding to the sprinkler system.

No, generally your lake pump can be left outside all winter. We fill each pump with antifreeze to make sure freezing does not occur. We do choose to bring some pumps inside based on unique set-ups.

Sprinkler System Winterization & Spring Turn On

Areas that we perform Sprinkler System Winterization and Spring Turn On’s

  • Leland
  • Suttons Bay
  • Omena
  • Northport
  • Lake Leelanau
  • Glen Arbor
  • Maple City
  • Glen Haven
  • Gills Pier