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Sprinkler System Service

Sprinkler System Services We Provide

  • Spring Start-Ups
  • Fall Winterizations
  • Mid Season Checks
  • Sprinkler head repair
  • Valve Location and Repai
  • Controller Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lake Pump Repair
  • Drip Irrigation Repair
  • Add-Ons and Upgrades
Sprinkler System Service

Why Choose Spinniken For Sprinkler Repair?

At Spinniken our sprinkler techs work on diagnosing and fixing sprinkler issues 10 hours per day every day of the season and have been for years. Our experience helps set us apart from other companies. Sprinkler repair is charged on a time and materials basis so the knowledge and experience of the sprinkler technician can save the homeowner a lot of money.   Sprinkler System Service is a trade that takes many years to learn and understand combining elements of plumbing, electric, and hydraulics. At Spinniken we do not send out a service foreman to your property with under 10 years of experience.  We come to the jobsite with a fully stocked van, when other companies are charging you while they go to the store, 99% of the time we have what we need in our van and can fix the problem right away. Finally we use professional testing equipment to diagnose and fix problems with your sprinkler systems.
Sprinkler System Service

I wanted to mention how pleased we were with the two guys that came out to turn on our irrigation, replaced a head, adjusted others while discussing the additional irrigation coverage. Whether your team is doing the spring or fall cleanup, cutting and trimming the summer grass or now our spring/fall irrigation system we feel like they’er always professional and dedicated to their work to make our yard look exceptional.

David Mainz

Sprinkler System Service Plans

Sprinkler system service plans for customers in Leelanau County.

Yearly Sprinkler System Service plans start out at $168 per year if you pay by April 1st!

I. Sprinkler System Turn On: (starting April 1st)

  • Start up the irrigation system
  • Check the entire system and document damage
  • Access the sprinkler system
  • Adjust all of the sprinklers for proper coverage
  • Program the controller with the correct spring settings

II. Mid-Season Sprinkler System Check Up: (July 1st-Aug. 31st)

  • Review the entire irrigation system
  • Adjust sprinklers for proper coverage
  • Program the sprinkler controller with correct summer settings
  • Advise the owner of problems and suggestions

III. Irrigation Winterization: (Oct. 1st – Nov. 1st)

  • Purge the water from the entire sprinkler system
  • Turn off the controller
  • Includes freeze protection guarantee. If there is freeze damage found in the spring and the system was winterized under one of our service plans, we will fix the damage for free.


Additional Sprinkler System Services

Listed below are a number of additional items that our sprinkler system service technicians can correct:

  • Lawn Sprinkler Repair
  • Garden Sprinkler Repair
  • Locate and fix broken pipes
  • Locate and fix broken wire and mainlines
  • Repair broken sprinkler system valves
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot irrigation lake pumps
  • Locate broken wires with wire tracking equipment
  • Locate broken valves with wire tracking equipment
  • Diagnose low pressure issues
  • Add on to existing sprinkler systems
  • Fix / replace backflow device
  • Work on efficiency of irrigation system
  • Turn on irrigation system
  • Winterize irrigation system
Sprinkler System Service

Irrigation FAQs

Yes, at Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation estimates are always free.

Of course there is a wide range of prices for sprinkler systems. A typical residential lawn sprinkler system in Leelanau county starts at around $3000 and goes up from there. Pricing depends on factors such as size of the area irrigated, complexity of system, water supply hook up situation, water pressure/gpm, and more.

We are busiest in the spring and often offer deals for customers with flexible wait times on there installations. Customers waiting until fall can generally receive the best deal on sprinkler installation but prices are still very competitive in the spring. Call early to get an estimate because our schedule can fill up quickly with the short Northern Michigan season.

If you are on a well we hook up the sprinkler system in the basement where the well comes into the house. We use a master plumber for this portion of our job. He will stub a line from the inside of your basement to the outside of your house installing a small backflow preventer. Both the master plumber and the backflow preventer are required by code. We can also hook up at the lake with a lake pump and will need to bring a 220v electric line to the pump.

Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation will explain to you how your sprinkler system works and how the watering times have been set. After everything is set up the system will do all of the work for you, and you do not need to think about it.

Rainbird Pop-up rotors and pop up sprays are adjusted with a tool that is provided to the owner after installation.

In Northern Michigan it is best to start your watering cycle just in time to be completed around sunrise, watering in the middle of the day is less efficient, and watering in the middle of the night can cause mold and fungus issues.

Yes, Leelanau County has a lot of lake frontage and it is a good idea to take advantage of the water. In this situation a lake pump is installed near the waters edge.

Generally Lake Michigan is not a good option for a lake pump because of the rough water, but other lakes such as Lake Leelanau, Glen Lake, Lime Lake, etc. are great options for a lake pump.

Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation uses drip irrigation in landscapes, potted plants, and agricultural applications such as vineyards and apple orchards. A drip system consists of a smaller pipe with emitters that can in effect drip the water exactly where it needs to go, and are much more efficient.


A backflow device prevents your irrigation water from flowing backwards into your homes water supply. Backflow devices are required by code in Leelanau County if using a potable water supply. Our master plumber will install this device.

We encourage owners have us install a rain sensor with new irrigation systems. Rain sensors detect rain, and then turn your sprinklers off until things dry up. If you do not have a rain sensor simply turn off your controller and then turn it back on when the lawn has started to dry up.

Generally, the soil in Leelanau County is very sandy and during hot periods we need to water more frequently than most “lawn books” will recommend. We like to water once per day in the heat of the summer. Remember, your lawn requires much less water when the temperatures are cooler in the spring and fall.

At Spinniken, we always install our systems with expansion in mind, even when the customer does not ask for it. Of course, it is always cheaper to do the install and expansion at the same time. Keep in mind, any sprinkler system can be added too, and especially a Spinniken Irrigation system.

Yes, you can but keep in mind that warranty on your new system will be affected. We always stand behind our work but many homeowners do not know how to properly turn on or winterization their sprinklers and can do serious damage.