At Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation we offer irrigation design for customers whom are having us install a sprinkler system for either their commercial or residential property. If you are thinking about having a sprinkler system installed by Spinniken’s we will always have a design to go along with your new system.  We have a to scale design of every sprinkler system we install.  Believe it or not, most companies do not make designs or as built drawings of their newly installed sprinkler systems.

Why you need a sprinkler system design?

  • All sprinkler systems eventually need maintenance and down the road having a sprinkler design on hand will make that maintenance much easier and less expensive.
  • Spinniken offers continual maintenance on any Irrigation system we install.  We keep your irrigation design with the technician for quick maintenance in the future.  See our sprinkler services page here: Sprinkler Services
  • If you are going to have changes done in your landscape such as a patio or a new electrical line installed it is helpful to have a map of the underground irrigation.
  • A sprinkler system design allows Spinniken’s to create more uniform coverage with your watering.
  • Without a design it can be difficult to get the flow rates correct which can make a well perform poorly and lower the life of your well considerably.
  • If you would like to personally make changes or adjust your sprinklers it is helpful to have a map of your sprinkler system near the controller.
Spinniken offers irrigation design in conjunction with irrigation installation in all of Leelanau County. If you are interested in irrigation please call our team at 231-499-7782.