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Lawn Services

Lawn Care Service in Leelanau

Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation has been doing business in Leelanau County for over 15 years and lawn mowing has been at the core of our service offering since the beginning.  We have become one of the top Lawn Service companies in Leelanau County with over 200 customers trusting us to maintain their lawn each week. We proudly provide lawn services all throughout Leelanau County in Leland, Suttons Bay, Northport, and Lake Leelanau.

At Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation we guarantee that you will be pleased with our lawn mowing services.  If you are not happy with the service that we provide we will continually come back to fix it until you are happy. If we are still unable to make you happy we will pay a competitor to fix the problem. We know that long term happy customers is how we will stay successful in the beautiful Leelanau county area and we will always sacrifice short term profit if it means making sure that a customer is happy.

Why Spinniken for Lawn Mowing?

Eight Reasons to Choose Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation to maintain your lawn in Leelanau County:
  1. We guarantee all of our work, if you are not happy with our work we will come out for free as many times as we need to until you are happy with our work.
  2. We are a full service company. You will not need to write checks to multiple companies to maintain your property. We have specialized crews in Lawn Mowing, Pruning, Fertilization and Weed Control, and Irrigation Service.
  3. We are located just 4 miles from Leland. We are located right in the heart of our service area of Leland, Lake Leelanau, Suttons Bay, and Northport. So that if a problem comes about we are able to quickly address the issue.
  4. We do not mow your lawn if it does not need to be mowed, even irrigated lawns will sometimes not need to be mowed each week all season long. If a property does not need to be mowed we will skip it until the following week.
  5. Your lawn will be mowed on the same day each week unless we have a heavy rain. Our crews only mow four days a week so that we can make sure not to run into scheduling problems if it rains that week.
  6. We are professionals. We offer a professional service with uniformed polite crews and clean lettered trucks.
  7. We only service Leelanau county for lawn service and even more specifically Leland, Suttons Bay, Lake Leelanau, and Northport. With a sharp focus on our area we can have a higher level of customer service.
  8. Our crews are specialized and the crew that mows your lawn or services your irrigation does that specific type of work only and all year long allowing our team to get very good at what they do.

If you are interested in our Lawn Services in Leland, MI, Lake Leelanau, MI, Suttons Bay, MI, or Northport, MI. Please fill out our quote form or give us a call at 231-499-7782.

Lawn Services

Matt has been responsible for our lawn care since the beginning of his business. We have found him to be completely dependable and a person of his word. His work has been excellent and he never hesitates to make recommendations regarding how our property should be looked after. We would strongly recommend him for your lawn care needs. We have so much faith in Matt that, on several occasions, we have left our home and dogs in his care for several days knowing that everything will be well cared for.

Isebelle & Dick Firestone

Northport, MI

We have been clients of Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation for years now. Unfortunately as summer home owners we spend a good deal of time away from our property. It is very reassuring to know that our lawn is in such capable and trusting hands. Spring and fall clean-ups and weekly lawn maintenance are taken care of professionally and promptly. Communication is excellent which is important to us since we are out of state. Spinniken also installed an irrigation system for us several years ago, our lawn has never looked better. We recommend Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation without hesitation.

Mr. & Mrs. Neild

Leland, MI

Our Guarantee

Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation wants you to be totally thrilled with our service, so happy with your lawn care service that you would want to recommend us to your friends. We know that the only way to continue to be a success and grow in Leelanau County is through word of mouth. That is why we have a 100% guarantee on all of our work. We guarantee you will be happy with our work, if you are not we will come out and re-do the work for free until you are completely satisfied.