Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation is the premier irrigation company in all of Leelanau County. Servicing all areas of Leelanau County including Leland, MI, Suttons Bay, Lake Leelanau, Glen Arbor, and Northport, MI. Our designers have the experience and expertise to design and install a custom irrigation system specifically designed for your property.

Commercial and Residential Irrigation

Whether it is a small residential home in Lake Leelanau, an development, or a local vineyard on Leelanau Peninsula – we can design and install an irrigation system that is efficient and uses products manufactured by the top names in irrigation.

Seven Reasons to Choose Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation For Your Irrigation System:

  1. A Great Warranty on Irrigation – 5 Years!

    At Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation we stand behind our work with a 5 year warranty on our workmanship and the materials used. Some irrigation materials are warranted up to 10 years!

  2. Experience in Irrigation Installation

    Spinniken Irrigation specializes in installing irrigation and installs more than 50 irrigation systems per year. Our 3 man installation crew has over 25 years of combined experience in irrigation. Each winter our crew spends time in the classroom learning as much as we can about the trade that we love!

  3. Leelanau Irrigation Installation References

    We have literally Hundreds of happy irrigation customers in Leelanau County, and if you call for a free irrigation quote we would be happy to supply multiple references in your area.  Chances are we have installed a system very near by.

  4. Leelanau and Traverse City Irrigation InstallationQuality Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

    At Spinniken Irrigation we know how important it is to use good quality materials. The irrigation supplies that we use in our installations have all been carefully selected to be what we honestly believe the best available. Some brands that we use are Rainbird, Lasco Fittings, Charter Pipe, and Monroe Pumps.

  5. Design

    Even the best installers need a proper irrigation design.  Each and every system that Spinniken installs is designed to scale by the owner Matt Spinniken.  The installation crew takes the design to execute the installation.  After the installation the installer will update the design and then we upload the design to the customers account to access in future years when service is needed.  Having a design WILL save the homeowner significant money in the future if they are getting the system professionally serviced.

  6. After Installation Service

    We believe that we truly are distinguished by our service after the irrigation has been installed. Every company makes mistakes from time to time, what sets us apart is how we handle those mistakes. Your irrigation system will be serviced by the same people that installed your system. When your irrigation system is complete you will be shown how to use your new system and you will be given a detailed as built drawing of the sprinkler system.

  7. Value

    We honestly believe that the quality of our irrigation work is among the best in all of Northern Michigan.We are not the most expensive company in Leelanau County and we are not the cheapest. But, if you give us a chance I think you will agree that the irrigation systems that we install offer the best value for your money. We install our systems correctly the first time with high quality materials, and a 3 year warranty on our work. Call Now and give us a chance. All we need is 30 minutes to evaluate your property and come up with a plan. You will be supplied with a custom quote the same day, and hopefully a better understanding of what you are looking for in an irrigation system

Areas that we perform Sprinkler System Installation & Service

  • Leland
  • Suttons Bay
  • Omena
  • Northport
  • Lake Leelanau
  • Glen Arbor
  • Maple City
  • Glen Haven
  • Gills Pier

Irrigation Installation FAQs

Q: Do you provide free estimates on Irrigation System Installation?
A: Yes, at Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation estimates are always free.

Q: How much does an irrigation system generally cost?
A: Of course there is a wide range of prices for sprinkler systems. A typical residential lawn sprinkler system in Leelanau county starts at around $3000 and goes up from there. Pricing depends on factors such as size of the area irrigated, complexity of system, water supply hook up situation, water pressure/gpm, and more.

Q: When can you install my Sprinkler System?
A: We are busiest in the spring and often offer deals for customers with flexible wait times on there installations. Customers waiting until fall can generally receive the best deal on sprinkler installation but prices are still very competitive in the spring. Call early to get an estimate because our schedule can fill up quickly with the short Northern Michigan season.

Experience in Irrigation InstallationQ: Where does a sprinkler system hook up for water supply?
A: If you are on a well we hook up the sprinkler system in the basement where the well comes into the house. We use a master plumber for this portion of our job. He will stub a line from the inside of your basement to the outside of your house installing a small backflow preventer. Both the master plumber and the backflow preventer are required by code. We can also hook up at the lake with a lake pump and will need to bring a 220v electric line to the pump.

More Irrigation FAQs

Irrigation Installation Testimonials

First off, VERY pleased with end result and all aspects of work done by this company. Matt Spinniken was very honest, knowledgeable and always got back to us as expected and did what he said he was going to do. His crew worked hard, were friendly and respected our property. We would highly recommend Spinniken Lawn and Irrigation to anyone who is thinking about lawn irrigation.Steve B, Suttons Bay, MI
We asked for quotes a few years ago from several irrigation companies. That is when I first met Matt. We decided at that time, we would wait on irrigation for another few years and Spinniken was at the top of our list. When I contacted Matt this June, he was quick to respond to another walk through of our property and proposal for work. Like others, we were totally impressed with the response time to calls, proposals and work to be done. One thing we realized quickly was that if he said, “8 am the guys would arrive”, they did! Truly a rarity in our experience. His team was professional, well versed in their work, and hard working. I never saw them take a break while they were working on our irrigation installation. Matt is conscientious and customer driven and addresses issues in a timely way. We would ONLY recommend Mat Spinniken and his team for irrigation!J Brooks, Lake Leelanau, MI
Approximately 2 1/2 years ago, Spinniken Lawn & Irrigation installed our irrigation system. We have been very pleased with its operation and found Matt and his people very pleasant and efficient folks to work with. They have continued to winterize our system each year and make occasional adjustments. Matt’s charges are always very competitive and we have enjoyed our relationship with him and his company.Susan Benner, Lake Leelanau, MI
Spinniken Irrigation did an outstanding job installing the irrigation around my home. The workers were a pleasure to work with and completed the work in the allotted time. They did just what they said they would do and did a great job cleaning up after they were finished. My irrigation system is probably quite a bit more complicated than a normal install. The water is pumped from the lake, goes under the county road and covers several acres of lawn. Matt Spinniken and the boys were up to the challenge and made everything work. I highly recommend Spinniken Irrigation for your watering needs.Mark Fisher, Maple City, MI
We chose Spinniken after getting bids from several other irrigation companies. We went with Matt for several reasons, and we are convinced that we made a great choice. Our lawn and our gardens look wonderful. The bid Matt gave us was very competitive with those we received from others. His excellent listening skills convinced us that he understood what we wanted to accomplish, and his actual performance exceeded our expectations. He and his men went above and beyond in every regard. We highly recommend Spinniken Lawn and Irrigation.Ron and Diane Calsbeek, Glen Arbor, MI
I had an irrigation system installed by Spinniken a few years ago. They have a very high-quality product and their service is impeccable.Susan Deye, Leland, MI
Spinniken Lawn and Irrigation is an outstanding organization. Matt and all of his crew are professional, courteous and all questions are patiently answered. They installed an irrigation system last summer, our first, and we had many questions. It was important to us that we understood the system and felt comfortable with its operation, and Matt did a great job explaining everything. Matt answers his cell phone promptly (how rare is that?) and is responsive in every way. You will be very happy if you choose Spinniken. 6 stars!Kristen Race, Maple City, MI